David Bowie - Earthling
Virgin  (1997)
General Rock, Rock

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CD    9 tracks  (48:56) 
   01   Little Wonder             06:02
   02   Looking For Satellites             05:21
   03   Battle For Britain (The Letter)             04:48
   04   Seven Years In Tibet             06:21
   05   Dead Man Walking             06:50
   06   Telling Lies             04:49
   07   The Last Thing You Should Do             04:57
   08   I'm Afraid Of Americans             05:00
   09   Law (Earthlings On Fire)             04:48
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Liens David Bowie - Earthling at Core for Music
Date de sortie originale 03/02/1997
Numéro Cat. COL 511935 2
Audio Stereo
User Defined
Reference No B-00044
Parolier David Bowie
Review by Stephen Thomas Erlewine
Jumping on the post-grunge industrial bandwagon with Outside didn't successfully rejuvenate David Bowie's credibility or sales, so he switched his allegiance to techno and jungle for the follow-up, Earthling. While jungle is a more appropriate fit than industrial, the resulting music is nearly as awkward. Though he often gets the sound of jungle right, the record frequently sounds as if the beats were simply grafted on top of pre-existing songs. Never are the songs broken open by a new form; they are fairly conventional Bowie songs with fancy production. Fortunately, Bowie sounds rejuvenated by this new form, and songs like "Little Wonder" and "Seven Years in Tibet" are far stronger than the bulk of Outside. Still, the record falls short of its goals, and it doesn't offer enough intrigue or innovations to make Earthling anything more than an admirable effort.